We are intelligence in action.




In 2019, co-founders, Warsame and Tamey had a vision –  To share their knowledge of AI to organizations who want to transform and to build AI products that enhanced human capabilities. Today, with the creation of an exceptional team, the vision is now a reality and BR[AI]YT is helping others realize the power of AI.


The Human Factor

The Bright Minds of BR[AI]YT.



Warsame Ahmed

CEO and Co-Founder

"The term AI is often used and misused today, and it’s hard to pinpoint the exact purpose such technology might serve. At the very core of it, AI solutions operate like a brain, based on neural networks that have the ability to learn patterns, provide further insights and even predict future occurrences based on the data patterns they were trained on. Collecting, processing and analyzing fast amounts of data in real-time is the fuel to the AI brain."


Tamey McIntosh

COO and Co-Founder

"Helping organizations implement AI solutions is much more than just the technological aspect. It’s creating the human connection with our clients to determine what is really important within the organization and how AI can help facilitate that transformation. It is this holistic approach, combining the human aspect, with the potential of AI and the complexities of legacy systems that I find the most fascinating.”


Gaston Barban

VP Business Developement

“AI is rapidly changing the way institutions operate. It is essential that organizations move quickly to select what can be improved with AI, but also, more fundamentally,  to determine the readiness of their organization to adopt AI and to identify what needs to change to make it so. As the former CIO at Global Affairs Canada I can attest to the fact that Braiyt has the expertise and experience to help managers bring AI into their workplace.”