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Video Analytics

Achieve Business

Goals for


Simple integration, quick deployment

Integrate with existing cameras to create custom Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions. 

1. Connect Multiple CCTV

2. Process data 

stream with

BR[AI]YT Module

3. Real Time Visualization 


Digitizing Physical Spaces to Extract Insights  

Real-time 3D Visualization

BR[AI]YT’s Smart Space Data Fusion Platform provides an integrated live-data feed for any digital twin, helping organizations deploy digital twins to address operational, infrastructure, and planning challenges.

Measuring Retail Experiences

AI technology allows retailers to leverage their data, elevating the customer experience in a more meaningful way. Providing a unique consumer experience is essential to the retail experience economy.


BR[AI]YT’s predictive analytics platform ingest data from multiple data sources to provide forecasting and anomaly detection models for the prediction of seasonal variations, cyclical patterns, and major sales or operational trends.


BR[AI]YT Technology

BR[AI]YT can give companys a new “look” at their business and helps them better understand their customers. Powered by our AI algorithms, we extract insights from video feeds.
BR[AI]YT Track

Connect to our API and embed an automated license plate reader (ALPR) into your apps for a seamless and secure user experience to detect and read vehicle registration plates.


BR[AI]YT offers consulting and integration services to help you utilize AI to its fullest. Our team provides strategic planning, readiness assessment, and deployment strategies.


Combining modern satellite technology and AI-based computer image processing enables governments to govern smarter, protect natural resources and accelerate disaster response.

5G & IOT

Harnessing the power of 5G, Braiyt AI models are designed to run on edge devices and give autonomous connected devices the ability to perceive, navigate and take automated actions.

Services Across Industries 

BR[AI]YT can detect and identify objects with a camera's field of view, useful for a variety of business needs, beyond the retail sector.

Always Anonymous 

BR[AI]YT does not use facial recognition, nor does it record images of individuals. Our technology counts people and maps their locations on the premises for store management.  The privacy of individuals is fully respected and protected.

Full Regulatory Compliance

No Biometric Data

Computer Vision Parivacy

Award winning technology to help you analyze and predict future behaviours for optimization with the help of Our Team.


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