Harnessing The Power of AI To Achieve Business Goals

BR[AI]YT provides AI consulting services and develops custom artificial intelligence solutions to help the public and private sectors solve challenges and provide a competitive edge.


Our Consulting team is ready to help you fully realize the benefits of AI.

AI Experts

BR[AI]YT’s areas of expertise extend from the discovery phase, early project life cycle to specific areas of AI including computer vision, facial recognition, machine learning, deep learning and convolutional neural networks.

Public Sector 

BR[AI]YT's team has a deep understanding of the unique needs of the Public Sector. With years of woking for and with various departments we have deep knowledge in specific areas of AI such as cloud, security and automation.

Private Sector

BR[AI]YT can help your business by determining how AI can be used. Beginning with setting up AI governance to automating business processes, gaining insight through data analysis, and engaging with customers and employees.

Ethical AI

BR[AI]YT goes above and beyond the Government of Canada's guiding principles to ensure the ethical use of AI is top of mind for all AI projects. BR[AI]YT has an in-house Ethical Use of AI Checklist which is completed internally at the start of each of its projects. 

BR[AI]YT  is a signatory to The Montréal Declaration for a Responsible Development of Artificial Intelligence. 

Working With the Best Clients and Partners