Limitless possibilities with AI-enabled Computer Vision.

Computer image processing, guided by AI algorithms, augments human ability to analyze, perceive and navigate our physical environment, and to take automated actions. The possibilities are limitless!


Explore Our Wide Range of Artificial Intelligence Services.

Our efficient AI solutions that can assist you in all the complex operations in your business by using our expert artificial intelligence services. Interpret complex data, detect trends and similar patterns, and locate frauds before they cause serious troubles using our smart machine learning solutions. With our enterprise-ready AI platforms you can manage your business without any human interference.

Braiyt Satellite

Combining modern satellite technology and AI-based computer image processing enables governments to govern smarter, protect natural resources and accelerate disaster response.

Braiyt Face

Braiyt’s facial recognition technology is an effective tool for all types of service automation, including improved access control and reduction of identity fraud.

BraiytVu gives retailers a new “look” at their business and helps them better understand their customers. Powered by our AI algorithms, we extract insights from video feeds.

Braiyt Track

Connect to our API and embed an automated license plate reader (ALPR) into your apps for a seamless and secure user experience using optical character recognition to detect and read vehicle registration plates

Braiyt 5G & IOT

Harnessing the power of 5G, Braiyt AI models are designed to run on edge devices and give autonomous connected devices the ability to perceive, navigate and take automated actions.

Braiyt AI Consulting

Braiyt offers a variety of consulting and integration services to help you utilize AI to its fullest potential. Our AI/ML team provides strategic planning, readiness assessment, and deployment strategies.

BRAIYT.AI is an AI, Data & Engineering Company

We are global leaders in programmatic and real-time  technology and infrastructure. Privately owned, totally independent and sitting behind the scenes, we are  crunching numbers, designing algorithms, and writing code for some of the most advanced systems in the world. Our passion is for solving the complex computational questions around probability, data processing, and scale – all of which just happen to be prevalent in future of technology.

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We are intelligence in action.


In 2019, co-founders, Warsame and Tamey had a vision – To build AI products that enhanced human capabilities. Today, with the creation of an exceptional team, the vision is now a reality.


Started with ambition and a dream about what could be.

Recognizing the wide-ranging benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, Braiyt’s co-founders brought together in 2019 a small group of talented, up-and-coming AI engineers and scientists to find ways to deliver AI to business. The company focuses on AI-enabled computer vision technology and develops solutions that can enhance human capabilities.