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Struggling to extract data from CSV files
or make sense of lengthy PDFs?

Meet your personal data analyst

 powered by


and enterprise large language models (LLM)

Spend less time searching for the right information

and more time answering valuable questions
that drive will your business forward.

Conquer Complex Data 

No more sifting through mountains of information – simply ask, and BraiytGPT will provide answers tailored to your data, empowering you to make smarter, faster, and more informed choices.


Our revolutionary integration of Braiyt AI and natural language language processing brings you a dynamic AI assistant that provides actionable insights to help you optimize your data-driven decisions. 

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Enhanced Decision Making

By bridging the gap between visual data and human-like interaction, our ChatGPT Integration empowers you to make faster, more informed data-driven decisions. Gain deeper insights from your data and stay ahead in a fast-paced world.

Unlock more with less

With our integrated AI, you gain access to enhanced data analysis and insights without the need for additional complex infrastructure. Experience the magic of doing more with less and maximize your return on investment like never before.

Seamless Integration

Our seamless fusion of Computer Vision and ChatGPT technology allows you to effortlessly interact with your visual data using natural language. Gone are the days of complex queries and data interpretation – now, simply ask questions, and our integrated solution will provide insightful answers.


Whether you're dealing with PDFs, videos, website content, CSV files, or databases, our integrated solution adapts effortlessly to your data formats. No need for multiple tools; streamline your workflow with our comprehensive AI system.

Effortless CSV Exploration

Uncover the hidden gems within your CSV files with Braiyt AI's ChatGPT integration. No more cumbersome data exploration processes. Simply engage in natural language interactions with our integrated AI, allowing you to effortlessly ask questions and receive actionable insights from your datasets.

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See BraiytGPT in action.

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