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Our mission is to help businesses unlock the full potential of their data and drive growth through the power of AI. Our solutions allow businesses to quickly and easily integrate advanced AI computer vision capabilities into existing systems and workflows. With our user-friendly platform and intuitive interface, even those with no prior experience with AI technology can get up and running in no time.


Our Mission

Our Journey 


The idea was formed 

Co-founder and CEO, Warsame Ahmed has worked with AI since 2015. In 2018, he reached out Tamey McIntosh to see if she would be interested in joining him as co-founder and COO in the creation of BR[AI]YT.


Computer Vision Solutions

BR[AI]YT was founded in 2019 as a firm focused on computer vision solutions with customers in both the public and private sectors.


Research & Production

A year spent ramping up our impressive team of AI engineers and in researching and developing a wide range of computer vision solutions.


Retail Spaces

BraiytVu bridged the analytics gap for physical retailers. With the development of the occupancy counting module, BR[AI]YT acquired its retail first customer.


Solutions Across Industries

BR[AI]YT continues to offer customizable AI models that can be trained to recognize specific objects, scenes, or events, allowing businesses across multiple industries to tailor our technology to their specific needs.Today, with the growth of an exceptional team, BR[AI]YT is helping others realize the power of AI.

Meet the Team

We are engineers, designers and data scientists, experts in artificial intelligence (AI).

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We are also entrepreneurs, business strategists and management consultants focused on excellence and bringing value to our clients.

Based in Ottawa's Innovation Hub 

We are looking for passionate talented professionals that are passionate about their field and eager to learn and grow with us.

Although work ethic, energy, resourcefulness, and even creative spirit are desirable traits, we believe passion is the fuel for individual growth. Find a field of our work you are passionate about, and you will find happiness and purpose.


We're Growing! 

Join our team of exceptional industry leaders.

Sales & Marketing

As a member of our sales and marketing team, you will have the opportunity to create campaigns on various platforms, create leads, and give product demos.

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